Razón #10

Razón #10
Dr. Fate —Doctor Strange? What are you doing here?
Dr. Strange —The same you do,Doctor Fate,starting a quack business because I need the money!
Dr. Fate's sign —Do your problems afflict you?
·Keeping the evil eye away
·Soul cleansings
·Tarot and Spanish cards
·Direct contact with Etrigan The Demon
Dr. Strange's sign —Sorcerer Supreme for hire
·Aura readings
·Future predictions using a crystal ball
·Astrology chart without any extra fee
·Gipsy curses
·Hotline with Mephisto
-Reason Nº 10 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
In Mexico there are a lot of native medicine men and brujos (sorcerers) who offer their services for healing and fixing any kind of problems.Some of them actually get results with their methods,but too many of them are con men that don't mind using any esoteric beliefs they see fit for their scams.

Notas en Español
En México hay muchos curanderos indígenas y brujos que ofrecen sus servicios para curar y resolver toda clase de problemas.Algunos realmente obtienen resultados con sus métodos,pero la gran mayoría de ellos son charlatanes (merolicos,según el slang local) que no les importa usar cualquier creencia esotérica que se ajuste a sus estafas.