Razón #46

Razón #46
Bane —Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha! Now,with my Venom formula improved with Choco-Milk,Gamma rays and strenght-calcium,no one wil defeat me! Nyak-Niak!!
Azrael —Holy Mackerel! Just now when the pilot light of my blades turned off!
Robin —I told you to get a gas cylinder of 30 [kg] rather than one of 20 [kg]! Or,haven't thought about a stationary gas engine?
-Reason Nº 46 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
Choco-Milk™ is a Mexican brand of cocoa powder with vitamins and minerals.
Forti-Calcio (Strenght-calcium) is the commercial name for plain calcium used by the Kellogg company in their Cocoa Krispies™ cereal (also known in other countries as Choco Krispies™ or Coco Pops™).

In most of Mexico,domestic gas is sold in cylinders of 15,20 and 30 kg.A common mistake,is buying a small cylinder thinking it will have enough gas and then finding out you actually consume much more gas than you thought.

Notas en Español
Choco-Milk™ es una marca mexicana de chocolate en polvo con vitaminas y minerales.
Forti-Calcio es un nombre comercial para el calcio común,usado por la compañía Kellogg en su cereal Choco-Krispis™.

En gran parte de México,el gas domésico se vende en tanques de 15,20 y 30 kg.Un error muy común,es comprar un cilindro pequeño creyendo que tendrá gas suficiente,para luego caer en cuenta que uno consume más gas del que creía.