Razón #48

Razón #48
-Reason Nº 48 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...(yee-haw!)
Asti —As you can see,we now rehabilitate criminals using music therapy! Here is Arkham Asylum's mariachi!
Chorus —The crazy mariachi wanna sing...The crazy mariachi wanna have fun!
Two-Face —Dammit! I wanted to play 'Stayin Alive'!!!
Doriancito —Cool! They play some wicked music! After that,can they play 'Stairway To Heaven' or 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?
Talking penguin —Daddy!
Talking penguin's badge —Beakman's World
Chair —Property of the Mago Frank Club

Notes in English
This is one of my favorite cartoons because is way too silly.

El Mariachi Loco (The Crazy Mariachi) is a mariachi song that rose to popularity in the mid-90s.It still is a very popular party song —check the audio below to understand why.

El Mago Frank (Magician Frank) is a famous magician who also is a ventriloquist.

Notas en Español
Éste es uno de mis cartones favoritos por ser exageradamente simplón.

El Mariachi Loco es una canción de mariachi que se popularizó a mediados de los 90's.Es aún una canción de fiesta muy popular —checa el audio acó abajo para ver porqué.

El Mago Frank es un mago famoso que también le hace de ventrílocuo.