Razón #80

Razón #80
-Reason Nº 80 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
Wonder Woman —Grrrrrr...and what are you looking at?
Superman —I-I don't understand! I only told her that she looked pretty!!
Asti —Do the words "menopause","kotex" and "crazy broad" give you any hints? —and I think we'd better get out of here before she starts to 'caress' us with a kitchen knife!
Plate —Acme brand steel plate

Notes in English
Yeah,I know this cartoon is a very sexist one,but Mexico is a very sexist country.
Also,some Mexican women actually use their hormones as an easy excuse when relieving their stress or when they simply don't know how to manage their anger.As I said,it's a very sexist country.

Notas en Español
Sí,ya sé que este cartón es muy sexista,pero México es un país muy sexista.
Aparte,algunas mujeres mexicanas de hecho usan sus hormonas como excusa fácil para aliviar el stress o cuando simplemente no saben controlar su ira.Como dije,es un país muy sexista.