Razón #17

Razón #17
Thor —For Asgard!
Captain Marvel —Shazam!
Superman —I don't know what I'm doing here! Somebody call Mike Carlin or Dan Jurgens!
Man —Er...excuse me,I'm from the electric company,before you go to save the world,you must pay your bill,you owe us $3 millions and that's just the electricity you used yesterday!
-Reason Nº 17 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
As you can guess,I drew this cartoon a little after Superman got electric powers.Mike Carlin was the editor in chief of the Superman comics,and Dan Jurgens was the most popular writer and artist in said titles.

Notas en Español
Como podrán adivinar,dibujé este cartón poco después de que Superman obtuviera poderes eléctricos.Mike Carlin era el editor en jefe de los comics de Superman,y Dan Jurgens era el escritor y artista más popular de dichos títulos.