Razón #37

Razón #37
Scully —Don't be fool Mulder! How can you say that the Chupacabras killed this dude on the Doctores slum? Just look at his gunshot wounds!!
Mulder —Scully,don't be naive,Do you believe the Chupacabras knows how to use a gun? He rather used telephatic hate images! A telephatic hate image in a bullet kills anyone!
Clodomiro Chupacabras —Why me! Why me! I didn't do it,dagnabit!
Arrow caption —Chupacabrus Alienigenus
-Reason Nº 37 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes... (and don't complain,either Mulder & Scully have super-powers or they have a pact with the devil!!)

Notes in English
Yeah,I know that Mulder & Scully are not super-heroes,but back when I was drawing this series of cartoons The X-Files was a huge hit —in fact,here in Mexico the series aired simultaneously on 2 TV channels (3 if you include the original transmissions from the FOX network on cable).

In Mexico City,the Doctores (Doctors) slum is a popular poor and middle-class neighborhood.
The PGR letters on both agents' badges stand for Procuraduría General de la República —Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.That's the Mexican government agency that prosecutes federal crimes.

Notas en Español
Sí,ya sé que Mulder & Scully no son superhéroes,pero allá cuando dibujé esta serie de cartones,The X-Files fue un tremendo éxito —de hecho,aquí en México,la serie se transmitió simultáneamente por 2 canales de TV (3 si contamos las transmisiones originales de la cadena FOX por cable).

En la Ciudad de México City,la Colonia Doctores es un popular vecindario pobre y de clase media.
Las letras PGR en los gafetes de ambos agentes corresponden a Procuraduría General de la República,la cual es la agencia del gobierno mexicano que se ocupa de perseguir los crímenes federales