Razón #74

Razón #74
-Reason Nº 74 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
Cyclops —>Hic< I'm shorry for whoever shtarted the boozhe shpree...we already got tanked and deshtroyed the whole block he livesh at...
Colossus —But th'one who...got th'party...started,it was you,Cyclops...>Hic<
Asti —The X-men are drunk yet again? They don't let one sleep!
Samy —Uh yeah? Why,I'd like to see you go down there and try scolding them!!
Wolverine —Keep shinging! I finally found where'sh the piñata! >Hic<

Notes in English
So the X-men are supposed to be students,right? Then I wonder how come you never get to see them doing the things common students do,like drinking booze almost every night as if their lives depended on it.

Notas en Español
Y bueno,los X-men se supone son estudiantes,¿cierto? Entonces me pregunto cómo es que nunca se les ve haciendo lo que los estudiantes comunes,como emborracharse casi cada noche como si su vida dependiera de ello.