Razón #97

Razón #97
Rogue —Aye,Gambit,whut'd ya' say if ah' offered ya' mah' body? Whut do ya' say,mah Frenchy jollyman?
Gambit —J'ai would zay "Non,merci;j'ai already got my own one".Mais j'ai ever need any zpare pieces,j'ai would call vous,sacre!
Punisher —E then they-a blow-a up la mia testa,but now I' m-a here tutto alive and safe.Io no capizco.
Nightcrawler —Ja...This ist vat ist happening:you're just another viktim of der greedy publishermensch,Herr Castle...
Wolverine —Fiddlesticks! Look yo' varmint,ah can kick yer booty ennytime,ennywhar,be it in Marvel vs DC o th' Cerro de la Silla,dadburn right!
Lobo —Whoah,whoah,whoah! Calm waaay down,ya' sissy runt,a'cuz ya' sheeit know dat ah' am de main dude here.Righ on,daddy-o!
Doriancito —What's the deal with the weird accents?
Samy —What did you expect? To hear them talking in Galician language or an Argentinian accent?
-Reason Nº 97 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes (at least with no dialogues of the "Ahm gunna murderize yah,suckah" kind)...

Notes in English
Wacky and stereotyped accents are a common trope in American comic books.But when those books are translated to Spanish in Mexico usually all those accents get lost because many of them are irrelevant in Spanish (like some regional English dialects),and many are involuntarily way too silly because in Spanish they sound very stereotyped.

Translating this cartoon to English was difficult,as foreign accents in Spanish are very different in English.In the original version,Rogue has an accent from Acapulco;Gambit has a very thick French accent;the Punisher has an Italian one;Nightcrawler talks with a German accent;Wolverine talks like a Mexican from Monterrey (The Cerro de la Silla [Saddle Mountain] is located there);and Lobo talks like a hoodlum from Mexico City.

Notas en Español
Los acentos cotorros y estereotipados son un tropo común en los comics estadounidenses.Pero cuando se les traduce al español en México,usualmente todos esos acentos se pierden pues muchos son irrelevantes en castellano (como varios dialectos regionales en inglés),y varios más son de humor involuntario de tan estereotipados que son.

Por si no están familiarizados,Rogue tiene un acento acapulqueño;Gambit tiene un acento francés exagerado;Punisher tiene uno italiano;Nightcrawler habla con acento alemán;Wolverine habla como un mexicano de Monterrey (el Cerro de la Silla se localiza allá);y Lobo habla como un vago callejero de la Ciudad de México.