Razón #81

Razón #81
-Reason Nº 81 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
Iron man —Let's just go! War Machine won't come with us because he's got pubic lice and that can affect his mental health! Damn!
Captain America —Uh? Lice make the skin itchy,but as far as I know they don't make you go insane!
War Machine —Have you ever tried to scratch yourself while wearing one of these armors? The pain!
Samy —Hey,who of you guys asked for a can opener?

Notes in English
You now,I always wondered why superhero costumes don't have pockets or zippers.And that goes double for the superheroes wearing battle armors.

Notas en Español
Ya sabrán,siempre me pregunté porqué es que los trajes de superhéroe no vienen con bolsillos o zippers.Y eso va doble para los superhéroes que usan armaduras de batalla.