Razón #94

Razón #94
-Reason Nº 94 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes... (and reason Nº 1 why Alan Moore works at the U.S.A. and not here...)
Rorschach —Oh dammit! They offed the Comedian! And of natural causes! —And I say that because after falling down from such a great height,naturally he would end up dead! But we'll know who killed him:the murderer always returns to the scene of the crime!
Nite Owl —And then what are we waiting for here?! Let's split before he murderizes us!
Ozymandias —Guess I should have hired the Ear-ripper for this job...
Bubastis —Meow?

Notes in English
For the record,I never liked the Watchmen graphic novel,but I drew this cartoon because many friends asked me to do something with the characters of the book.

El Mocha-Orejas —The Ear-Ripper— was the nickname of Daniel Arizmendi,a kidnapper known for slashing his victims' ears off and sending them (the ears,not the victims) to their families when asking for a very high ransom.He got caught by the police in 1997.

Notas en Español
Para que lo sepan,nunca me gustó la novela gráfica de Watchmen,pero dibujé este cartón porque muchos amigos me pidieron que hiciera algo con los personajes del libro.

El Mocha-Orejas era el mote de Daniel Arizmendi,un secuestrador conocido por cortarles las orejas a sus víctimas para luego mandárselas a sus familias y exigir sumas de rescate muy altas.Fue capturado por la policía en 1997.