Razón #68

Razón #68
Asti —Woe is me! Darn pigeons,they "polished" my clothes!
Samy —That worries you,uh? If I were you I'd start running...here comes Hawkman with some very suspicious cramps...!!
Hawkman —Ah-ah-ahg...I-I won't...make it...won't...make it!!
Note on the right side —(Bombs away!!)
-Reason Nº 68 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...(or "Evildoers,beware of Hawkman's smooth moves!!")

Notes in English
Not much to add about this cartoon,besides the fact that Montezuma's Revenge is not an illness that affects only tourists visiting Mexico.

Notas en Español
No tengo mucho qué agregar respecto a este cartón,salvo el hecho de que la Venganza de Moctezuma no es una enfermedad que afecte sólo a los turistas que visitan México.