Razón #84

Razón #84
Angry mob —Lynch them!! —Off with their heads!! —Death! —To the bonfire!! —Exorcise them!! —Death to the demons!! —Stakes are for vampires,not devils,you dimwit!! —Ah,so they are no "Ultras" from the UNAM?
Daredevil —It had to happen! "Oh,guys:let's go visit the Basilica" Dumbass! Ouch!!
Hellboy —Shut up and run,or they'll skin us!
Etrigan —We'd rather flee,than face angry Jesus freaks!!
-Reason Nº 84 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes (not even on Sundays and Holy Week...)

Notes in English
The majority of Mexico's population is catholic,and a lot of people take their religion very seriously.
The Basilica (of Our Lady of Guadalupe) is a huge church located in Mexico City,visited daily by a lot of pilgrims.It is considered as the biggest Catholic sanctuary in all the American continent.

The "Ultras" —short for ultra-leftists— are a political group known for their radical points of view.Most of them are college students from the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México —in English,National Autonomous University of Mexico).Back in the '90s they gained big notoriety in the media,and many conservative people disliked them a lot.

Notas en Español
La mayoría de la población en México es católica,y mucha gente toma su religión muy en serio.
La Basílica (de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) es una enorme iglesia localizada en la ciudad de México,visitada diariamente por muchos peregrinos.Es también considerada como el santuario católico más grande del continente americano.

Los "Ultras" —abreviación de ultra-izquierdistas— son un grupo político conocido por sus puntos de vista radicales.La mayoría de ellos son universitarios de la UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).Allá pore los 90's ganaron gran notoriedad en los medios,y mucha gente conservadora los despreció mucho.