Razón #36

Razón #36
-Reason Nº 36 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
X-men:The Soap Opera

Rogue —No,Gambit Alfonso...Ours is...an impossible [love]!!
Gambit —As you wish,Ana María De La Rogue...I'll marry Macarena Psylocke then!
Professor X —Oh no...
Wolverine —Professor...tell me the truth:Will I ever get my adamantium back?
Doriancito —"X-men:The Soap Opera"? Give me a break!
Samy —This is Mexico,bub! What were you expecting? An animated series? If you want to,I can turn to channel 13:they are airing "Spider-man:The Other Soap"* there!
Caption —*Featuring a new musical theme by Armando Manzanero!!

Notes in English
In Mexico,there are very few animation studios and they make TV ads mostly because TV channels get much more money by producing not animated series,but melodramatic —and cheesy— soap operas.
Then again,the X-men books feature a lot of angst and drama anyway.
The long names that Gambit and Rogue are using is a parody of a cliche in Mexican soaps:characters usually have names like those.

Armando Manzanero is a composer and sometimes singer known for their romantic songs.There was a time when many of those songs were used in some of the most cheesy soap operas.

Notas en Español
En México,hay muy pocos estudios de animación y hacen principalmente anuncios de TV debido a que las televisoras sacan más dinero produciendo no series animadas,sino telenovelas melodramáticas —y cursis.
Ahora que por otra parte,los comics de los X-men contienen mucho sufrimiento y drama,de todos modos.
Los nombres largos que usan Gambit y Rogue son una obvia parodia de los típicos nombres telenoveleros.

Armando Manzanero es un compositor y cantante ocasional conocido por sus canciones románticas.Hubo un tiempo en que muchas de dichas canciones se usaron para las telenovelas de las más cursis.