Razón #63

Razón #63
-Reason Nº 63 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
Samy —Hellooo! Hey,Have you ever wondered why Hulk is always so bad-tempered? And why is he green?
Doriancito —Incredible but true,even though Hulk can make his body expand about 5 times,thing is his briefs of the "Trueno®" brand are so resistant that their original size always remain the same! Because of that his granny always gives him them as Christmas gift!!
Note in the corner —*Consume Mexican products of high quality!!...

Notes in English
Trueno (Thunder) is a popular Mexican brand of male underwear,cheap but also very well known for its hard-wearing fabrics.

The note in the corner is the actual slogan of an old nationalist campaign against imported products.

Notas en Español
Trueno es una popular marca mexicana de ropa interior para varones,barata pero muy bien conocida por sus telas resistentes.

La nota en la esquina es el slogan real de una vieja campaña nacionalista contra los productos importados.