Razón #39

Razón #39
Airplane —Control tower...this is Aeromexico's flight 439,Is there any air traffic in the area?
Tower —Control tower here;you've got Silver Surfer at 200 feet,the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee at 800 feet,Superman at 1300 feet,and both Birdman and Hawkman at 500 feet...and if you're thinking about landing,hurry up,because we are also waiting for an UFO from the ID4 movie and 2 Shi'ar star cruisers! May God help you!
American Godzilla —Yummy-yummy!
Godzooky —Daddy?
Running man —Hey! I did like your movie!
-Reason Nº 39 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
Can you find Waldo in this pic? Okay,Waldo is not actually there,but still there's a lot of characters and not all of them are super-heroes.
Mexico City's airport is very crowded,so it's not hard to think how chaotic it would become if there were flying super-heroes everywhere.

(And yes,I'm a fan of the Japanese Godzilla,but I didn't thought the American version was very bad at all)

Notas en Español
Por si no alcanzan a leerle,el Godzilla gringo dice «Yomi-Yomi!»;Godzooky dice «Papi?»;y el vato huyendo dice «Oye! A mí sí me gustó tu película!»

¿Pueden encontrar a Wally en esta imagen? Okay,Wally no está realmente ahí,pero igual hay hartos personajes y no todos son superhéroes.
El aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México está muy congestionado,así que no es muy difícil imaginar qué tan caótico sería si hubieran superhéroes voladores por todos lados.

(Y sí,soy fan del Godzilla japonés,pero la versión americana no se me hizo tan mala)