Razón #14

Razón #14
Vampirella —I SAID NOOO!!! I don't work in a table dance bar of the Zona Rosa!
Asti —Ah! Then you work in one at the downtown...and how much for a dance?
-Reason Nº 14 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
The Zona Rosa (the Pink Zone) is a small district in Mexico City where many shops,restaurants,bars and nightclubs are located.Many of the first topless and nude bars were there —nowadays most of them are gay bars.

Notas en Español
La Zona Rosa es un pequeño barrio en la Ciudad de México donde hay varias tiendas,restaurantes,bares y centros nocturnos.Muchos de los primeros bares nudistas y topless se ubicaron ahí —hoy en día muchos son ahora bares gay.