Razón #73

Razón #73
-Reason Nº 73 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
Jade —Surprise daddy! I'm pregnant...but just a little,ah?
Green Lantern I —Whu-What? AW,Jade,Didn't I told you to protect yourself when you slept with the idi...er,with Kyle?
Green Lantern V —But we did use protection!! It's all Ganthet's fault!
Ganthet —Fault schmault! I told you well that your ring could be used for anything except for making safe condoms...You lacked willpower!
Doriancito —Oh swell...If it's a baby boy can we name him 'Chabelo'?

Notes in English
Fun fact:in Mexico a lot of couples get married because of unplanned pregnacy.Actually some women get pregnant on purpose when they want to marry someone.

Notas en Español
Dato al costo:en México,muchas parejas se casan a causa de embarazos no planeados.De hecho,algunas mujeres se embarazan deliberadamente cuando quieren casarse con alguien.