Razón #99

Razón #99
-Reason Nº 99 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
—Guest creators (even though they don't know it,and if they find out they'll sue me,so let's not say anything else):Peter David,Dan Jurgens and Joe Rubinsten!! (how about that?)

Nightwing —Hey! What a dirty trick! —You see? I told you to use the club
Voice from the Batmobile —Finders keepers!
Doriancito —Gee,that's not good,uh? I mean to piratize other authors' works;and why do that here?
Samy —Don't you know that "piracy is only bad when you get caught"? Besides,Don't you know that fill-in artists only show up when the titular artist takes a break and prepares something else? —So don't complain and hurry up or we'll be late for the reason Nº 100!

Notes in English
A friend suggested me to draw something about the Batmobile being stolen,but then I remembered that a similar situation was already used in issue #2 of the DC vs Marvel crossover.So,instead of making a bad copy of that joke I decided to show it with a xerox instead.And as Samy pointed out,I needed a small break before the series finale.

Notas en Español
Un amigo me sugirió que dibujara algo respecto al atimóvil siendo robado,pero luego recordé que una situación similar ya había sido usada en el episodio #2 de el crossover DC vs Marvel.Así que en vez de hacer una mala copia de ese chiste,decidí mejor mostrarlo con una fotocopia.Y como Samy acotó,necesitaba un descanso antes del final de la serie.