Razón #24

Razón #24
Wolverine —Grrrr! This is so humiliating!
Lobo —Shaddup you runt,you are not the only one!
Aquaman —Should I change this harpoon for a swiss army knife like McGiver's?
Warblade —I really hate the crowds in waiting lines!
-Reason Nº 24 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
Sharpening knives,scissors and all kinds of blades can be done at special shops,but in many parts of Mexico that task is usually done by ambulant knife sharpeners on bycicles.And yes,I've always wondered how super-heroes with blades keep them always sharp.

Notas en Español
Para afilar cuchillos,tijeras y toda clase de navajas se puede ir a tiendas especializadas,pero en muchas partes de México esa labor es usualmente hecha por afiladores ambulantes en bicicleta.Y sí,siempre me he preguntado cómo es que los superhéroes con armas punzo-cortantes siempre las conservan afiladas.