Razón #65

Razón #65
-Reason Nº 65 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
Asti —Yay,how exciting!! I'm gonna ask Ant-man,Wasp and Atom for their autographs! They're my idols! Where are them? Where are them?
Ant-man —Watch your step you dumb...!
Doriancito —Aw,no! It's such a drag cleaning blood and guts stains from a carpet!!
Samy —Don't worry about small details...Oh,Are you leaving early,Atom Ant?
Atom Ant —Er...yeah,I'm going to the casting call for Antz 2,don't wait for my return!!
Sign —If you already pawned your collection of Capulinitas and Karmatrones so you could pay your ticket then:WELCOME TO THE BIG __________ '99
—Same event,same place,same stands,higher price
—(interactive gag:fill the line with the comic book convention you dislike the most...and yes,I know I already used this gag 56 reasons ago,but the situation has not changed...damn,indeed)

Notes in English
As the sign says,the satire about Mexican comic book conventions was first seen on Reason #9.

Capulinita and Karmatron were 2 comic book series for kids published back in the '80s.They were not particularly good or special at all,but since there are no reprints of them,back issues are very appreciated among older comics fans (yet said back issues are actually cheap in the collectors market and so their only value is of the sentimental kind —hence the irony of implying that they could be taken to a pawn shop).

Notas en Español
Como el letrero indica,la sátira sobre las convenciones mexicanas de comics se vió por primera vez en la Razón #9.

Capulinita y Karmatron fueron 2 series de comics para niños publicadas en los 80's.No fueron particularmente buenas o especiales del todo,pero desde el momento en que no hay reimpresiones de ellas,los ejemplares viejos son muy apreciados entre los fans viejos de comics (sin embargo dichos ejemplares viejos son en realidad baratos en el mercado de los coleccionistas y por tanto su único valor es del tipo sentimental —de ahí la ironía de insinuar que pudieran ser empeñados).