Razón #88

Razón #88
Sign —National Week of Rabies Vaccination (kids,bring your Pokemon for their vaccines...)
Asti —...next...
Cyclops —Hey,Is there any group discount? I left another five of these out there!
Samy —Only if they are wearing flea collars...
The Beast —Hey dude,you got the wrong Beast!
Nightcrawler —I'm 'scaredy' of syringes!
Wolverine —Grrrr! Grrrrr! And more Grrrr!
-Reason Nº 88 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
Not much to say about this cartoon,except that I always thought it is funny that too many of the mutants in the X-men comics have animalistic features,yet almost no one of them needs any special cares as typical animals do.

Notas en Español
No tengo mucho qué decir sobre este cartón,excepto que siempre se me hizo curioso que muchos de los mutantes en los comics de los X-men tienen rasgos animalezcos,pero casi ninguno de ellos requiere de cuidados especiales como ocurre con los animales típicos.