Razón #93

Razón #93
-Reason Nº 93 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...
House sign —Sabretooth's Little House
Door sign —Please wipe your frigging feet before entering —Thank you
Sabretooth —You say that I must get out with the hands up because I'm surrounded? I don't believe you!
X-men —Ah,you don't? ♫♫♫ The farmer in the dell,the farmer in the dell,hi-ho,the derry-o,the farmer in the dell... ♫♫♫
Note —*Yes,I know that this gag is really,really corny,but I already drew it,so bare with me...

Notes in English
It's a very cheesy cartoon indeed.But you gotta admit that things like this would make X-men stories much more interesting.

Notas en Español
En verdad es un cartón muy ridículo.Pero deben admitir que cosas como éstas harían más interesantes a las historias de los X-men.