Razón #92

Razón #92
Captain America —Hey! How's that I can't get to watch the soccer game because I'm incongruent?
Superman —Exactly! You're dressed with the colors of the Cruz Azul,you're wearing a Chiva rayada 'girdle',the 'A' of the Atlas,and you even more,call yourself Captain America!!
Asti —'s true...and the worst thing is you cheer the Pachuca! And besides of being incongruent you're a dimwit:today's game is Atlante vs Monterrey!
-Reason Nº 92 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes...

Notes in English
Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico.And in this cartoon all the references are about soccer teams.
Cruz Azul (Blue Cross) is a team whose uniform is blue and white.
The uniform of the Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara (Striped goats of Guadalajara) is white with vertical red stripes.
The logo of the Atlas team is a capital letter 'A'.
And the Aguilas del America (Eagles of America),sometimes simply called as The America, is another team.
Pachuca,Atlante and Monterrey are yet another teams.

Notas en Español
El soccer es el deporte más popular en México.Y en este cartón todas las referencias son respecto a equipos de soccer.
El Cruz Azul es un equipo cuyo uniforme es azul con blanco.
El uniforme de las Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara es blanco con franjas rojas verticales.
El logo de el Atlas es una letra 'A' mayúscula.
Y las Aguilas del América,a veces simplemente llamado como el América,es otro equipo.
Pachuca,Atlante y Monterrey son otros tantos equipos.