Razón #72

Razón #72
-Reason Nº 72 Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes... (Puk & Suk rule!!)
Captain America —Good and bad news,Namor:the cannibals won't eat us because they are catholics!
Sub-Mariner —Okay...and the bad news are....?
Puk —Today's a Lent Friday!! I want fish wings!
Suk —Sushi! Yummy-yummy!!

Notes in English
In case you're not familiar with catholic rites,during Lent people are supposed to abstain from eating meat on Fridays.For many Mexican catholics that usually means that they must eat fish instead.

Puk and Suk are a couple of surviving Neanderthal brothers,and supporting characters from the Chanoc comic book series.Because of their primitive nature they are cannibals,but they always were very dumb for actually eating anyone.Still,they were some quite funny comic relief characters.

Notas en Español
Si de casualidad no están familiarizados con los ritos católicos,durante la Vigilia de Cuaresma la gente se supone debe abstenerse de comer carne los viernes.Para muchos católicos mexicanos eso usualmente significa que en sustitución deben de comer pescado.

Puk y Suk son una pareja de hermanos neanderthales sobrevivientes,y personajes de apoyo del comic seriado de Chanoc.Por su naturaleza primitiva son caníbales,pero siempre fueron demasiado zonzos para realmente comerse a alguien.Aún así,eran patiños cómicos bastante divertidos.